Thursday, July 19, 2007

Delaware River Ice Jam Flooding

"The Delaware River Basin Interstate Flood Mitigation Task Force has completed and forwarded to the four basin state governors its action agenda for a more proactive, sustainable, and systematic approach to flood damage reduction" (DRBC Press Release, July 17, 2007).

It is interesting to read that "The task force added several recommendations due to the public comments. One was for state emergency preparedness officials to coordinate with the National Weather Service over the possibility of ice jam flooding. Prior to the three recent floods, the worst flooding in Trenton in recent decades was caused by ice jams in 1996, wile the city's worst recorded flood was due to ice jam in 1904" (The Star Ledger, July 19, 2007).

My thoughts: Ice jams are very difficult, if not impossible, to forecast at this time, and more research needs to be done on this subject. Sections of the river susceptible to ice jamming could also be investigated and engineering measures be applied. I researched on ice jam flooding while a graduate student at University of Minnesota and published several papers. I guess I could contribute a little if DRBC and other entities are to tackle the ice jam issue further.

Image Credit: Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC)