Sunday, March 25, 2007

New Committee on Certification of Stormwater Manufactured BMPs

A group of stormwater professionals proposed a task committee on developing national guidelines for certification of stormwater manufactured BMPs (Best Management Practices). I am glad it was officially approved by ASCE/EWRI last week. I was the proposing Chair. Now I have to start organizing the committee kickoff meeting, to be held in Tampa, Florida during the World Environmental and Water Resources Congress, May 15-19, 2007. We also need to invite additional professionals to join the new committee. Hey, your suggestions and/or comments are welcome here!

(Click here to enter the committee website.)


Old Ice said...

I'm interested. Please contact me.

George Guo said...

Old Ice: Thanks! However, I do not know how to reach you. If you, understandably, do not want to post your contact info, please e-mail me atGEORGEGUO1@GMAIL.COM regarding your interests. George Guo