Monday, June 2, 2008

Update 3: Significant Seepage Observed (大量水渗过堰塞体) - Landslide Dam Removal at Tangjiashan "Quake Lake"

Rate of water seepage suddenly increased from the bottom of the landslide dam at 14:50 on June 1 (Beijing time). Fortunately, up to 17:00 on June 2, the seepage flow rate was stabilized to approximately 10 cubic meters per second. I estimated this as about 10 percent of upstream inflow rate to the "quake lake." In my opinion, this seepage rate is still quite large. I hope this would not lead to a "piping" failure of the landslide dam before the start of the natural outflow from the completed drainage /sluice channel.

At 14:00 on June 2, the lake water level was at 735.78 m. Since not much rain is in the forecast for the coming days, the natural water discharge from the lake is now expected to occur on June 5.

“1日14时50分,唐家山堰塞湖坝底一处渗漏出现流量忽然加大的情况,但到2日17时为止,流量基本稳定在10个流量左右。” 我估算这相当于进湖水流量的十分之一。我认为这渗流量太大了。但愿不会(在自然导流之前)发生堰塞体内管涌而溃堤。


Info source: Xinhuanet

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