Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Duck Pond to Help Healing in the Aftermath of Virginia Tech Massacre

An open water in the tree-lined area of the campus, the Duck Pond would be a quiet, private place for reflection and healing in the days and months to come.

The lake, or pond, was built near Solitude in the summer of 1937. The lake is fed by two small creeks. The Stroubles Creek was culverted into an underground tunnel when the University built the drill field. The spring at Solitude is a historic groundwater resource of the area.

The Solitude House is Virginia Tech's oldest building, and it marks the site of the Draper Meadow Settlement and massacre of 1755.

I was at Virginia Tech only once more than ten years ago, and I have almost forgot about the Drill Field and Duck Pond. The tragic event yesterday brought back my visual and emotional memories.

VT, you go well!

Photo credit: Virginia Tech University Relations

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