Monday, April 30, 2007

My Newspaper Opinion Column Article: How We Can Combat Flooding

My op-ed article was published in today's edition of the Record, the newspaper for northern New Jersey.

The first paragraph reads "WHEN WE WITNESS the devastating floods caused by recent heavy rains, it's easy to assume that New Jersey has done little to mitigate the effects of stormwater runoff. While much needs to be done to correct problems in older, heavily settled areas of the state that have been vulnerable to flooding, it is important to note that New Jersey is perhaps the most progressive state in mandating adequate stormwater management for new development."

The article continues onto addressing the need for utilization of the digital watershed model to assess the overall result of all proposed developments, rainwater harvesting and open space storage to mitigate the effects of earlier developments, and doubling efforts to secure federal funding in order to move ahead with the effective flood control projects that are already on the drawing boards.

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